Logistic solutions with or without RFID for hotels and Restaurants

The Hotel- and Restaurant industry is currently facing a number of challenges

  • Far fewer customers and ongoing crisis
  • Many employee shortages
  • Cost increases and a lot of competition

The only outcome is:

  1. Improve service and efficiency
  2. Optimize hygiene levels
  3. A perfect appearance of your Hotel and Restaurant 24/7
  4. Satisfied employees and customers

By having transparent and organized cost tracking, businesses can have a good overview, improve their operations and stay competitive in the current market.

Our RFID solutions make your organization more sustainable and ready for the future

Digitalized system solutions from ACG Pulse AB are an important aspect for the total appearance of a hotel or restaurant.

A system that optimizes the internal processes gives the hotel and restaurant its identity.

You can use our products for uniforms, garments, linen, bedlinen, bath towels, hand towels, kitchen towels etc (with or without UHF / RFID technology).

Our digitalized system solutions make it possible to hand out and collect all your items in a controlled and optimized manner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By using the available management information in our Q-Web®, the tracking of the location of all these items will be monitored and the turnover of the garments also provides insight into how hygiene conditions can be fulfilled.

The way this is performed can be fully customized to your needs and wishes.

By gaining better insight into the consumption of your items, the number of items required, your costs can be lowered, and you will be able to make your organization more sustainable and ready for the future.

Because all our systems are flexible and easy to use for your employees, the level of user acceptance is high, and it is perceived as very user friendly.

Your benefits:

  • Luxurious and solid design
  • Hygienic storage in a locked environment (storage room)
  • Cost savings
  • Available 24/7 and optimal control of the situation
  • User friendly
  • Overview of garment processes and consumption
  • Sustainability

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