Track and Trace

Q-Web Scan is serviced by an operator, who manually delivers items to users. Transactions of items are administered in our user-friendly web interface Q-Web®, which makes it easy to manage and administer users, items and statistics – Track and Trace.

Q-Web Scan consists of a convenient combination of RFID reader and RFID antenna, which is easy to connect via USB to a customer-provided computer (one computer per station).


  • Handles RFID (UHF) marked items
  • Manned delivery of items to users.
  • Return of items back to stock.
  • Scan items to storage areas (storage rooms).



Q-Web Scan is conveniently placed nearby a warehouse or in production where delivery of items to users is desired.

The station can advantageously be placed on an existing table or mounted under a table top. If the RFID antenna is placed under a table top, the table top must not be of a material that prevents the radio waves from the RFID antenna from reaching the transponder, e.g. metal or some laminates.

If Q-Web Scan is to be used for the return of soiled garments, separate Q-Web Scan stations are recommended to avoid contamination. The recommended method for returning soiled garments is Q-Web Soil or Q-Web Soil Mini which provides a higher hygiene factor.


Specification of the customer-provided computer:

  • PC with Windows 10 or newer
  • 2 available USB ports
  • TeamViewer installed (for support)
  • Internet access



Q-Web Scan can be combined with other Q-Web Products from ACG Pulse, such as Q-Web Gate, Q-Web Soil, Q-Web Cabin, Q-Web Lock UHF and more, for a tailor-made overall solution that is adapted to your wishes and needs.



Q-Web Scan enables manual registration and dispensing of RFID-tagged items by an operator. Transactions are managed in the user-friendly interface of the Q-Web® system. The scanning station consists of an RFID reader and an antenna that can be connected to a computer provided by the customer. It is placed near warehouses or production facilities and allows for the return and issuance of items such as workwear, tools, etc.