Registration Station

Registration station for RFID marked items

The registration station is used to register and administer items in Q-Web®. The product consists of a convenient combination of RFID reader and RFID antenna, which is easy to connect via USB to a customer-provided computer (one computer per station).



  • Handles RFID (UHF) marked items
  • Registration of new items – RFID transponders are linked to items and stored in Q-Web®
  • Administration of items. Add, remove, or change information about existing items in Q-Web®
  • Scanning of objects from one position to another position (In/Out), where objects can either be scanned one by one, or a number at the same time



The registration station is conveniently placed in an office, workplace or in production where administration/ work is carried out. The station can advantageously be placed on an existing table or mounted under a table top. If the RFID antenna is placed under a table top, the table top shall not be of a material that prevents the radio waves from the RFID antenna from reaching the transponder, e.g. metal or some laminates.


Specification of customer-provided computer:

  • PC with Windows 10 or newer
  • 2 available USB ports
  • TeamViewer installed (for support)
  • Internet access


RFID Transponders

The development of RFID transponders (which are often called RFID tags) is happening rapidly and today there are RFID transponders that fit all materials and objects. ACG Pulse will be happy to help you find the right RFID transponders for your items depending on the desired reading distance, size, temperature, material, and adhesiveness.



The registration station is often combined with other Q-Web Products from ACG Pulse, such as Q-Web Gate, Q-Web Soil, Q-Web Cabin, Q-Web Lock UHF and more, for a tailor-made overall solution that is adapted to your wishes and needs.


For more information about the Registration Station or our other products and solutions, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.