An advanced logistics RFID-based system for inventory management

Inventory management in unmanned storage areas

Q-Web Gate is an advanced logistics RFID-based system for inventory management in unmanned storage areas. All kind of items can be placed inside the storage area for example workwear to save space, maintain hygiene and reduce wastage. This automated system makes your employee equipment available 24 hours/day, all year round.

The Q-Web Gate can be placed nearly anywhere in your premises. The unit can be installed as a stand-alone version in connection with a storage area or to be installed in existing doorways in connection with available storage areas.


Multiple systems

Multiple Q-Web Gates in different locations can be connected as a cluster to the same system. This gives the user the ability to access multiple gates in different storage areas under the same system.


Your benefits:

  • Cost- and space savings
  • Unmanned storage
  • Secure access 24/7
  • Track and trace
  • Reduce wastage
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Sustainability



Unique RFID transponders attached to individual items in the storage areas allows for real-time inventory status and item track-and-trace. Moreover, the RFID tags can be attached using different methods allowing full flexibility in what items are to be made available in the storage areas.

RFID tags can be attached in different ways, which gives great flexibility in the types of objects that can be stored through the Q-Web Gate. These unique RFID transponders enable real-time inventory and item status.

  • The Q-Web Gate has a separate service hatch where only admin or super-user has access.
  • One or more Q-Web Gate can be used for the same storage space.
  • Loading of items back into the storage area can be done through the Q-Web Gate (this is only recommended for small quantities). For loading larger quantities, a hand scanner or Q-Web Cabin is recommended.

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