A High performance UHF RFID system for returning of soiled garments


Q-Web Soil is a smart RFID (UHF) based high performance return unit designed for laundry carts and laundry bags, where items are returned after use.

Q-Web Soil is intended for industrial use. The size of Q-Web Soil has been tailored to fit most standard wagons in the industry. The design is the perfect solution for reading dirt garments.



With a high scanning speed, Q-Web Soil is able to read all soiled garments with excellent precision when dropped through the returngate. The read/scanned articles are then processed and their status is updated through the Q-Web® database.



For a complete solution, Q-Web Soil can be combined with other Q-Web® products such as, Q-Web Gate, Q-Web Cabin and others. With the common integrated software Q-Web®, you get all the reading data and statistics you need in real-time.



Q-Web Soil can also be run as a stand-alone unit where it can be connected to other systems. The stand-alone function makes it easy to introduce Q-Web Soil into an existing ERP system.



Q-Web Soil is also available in a smaller variant Q-Web Soil mini. The size of the Q-Web Soil Mini has been designed so that a 450 x 450 mm trolley can fit inside. The Q-Web Soil Mini includes a standard trolley.