Dispensing of working clothes


Access to clean working 24/7

Users have access to the dispensing unit 24 hours, all year around – providing unparalleled access to clean work garments at any time.

The garment handling system works similarly to an ATM machine, but for garments. The user has a personal garment account where issued and returned garments are recorded.

The account is updated directly upon dispensing and returning; this real-time garment status update feature provides the ability to meet required hygiene and environmental regulations.



The garments are loaded into the garment handling system directly from their trolleys on specially designed hangars. The clothes are then dispensed on the same hangars – wrinkle free.



All garment status changes are recorded and documented automatically enabling an accurate view of change frequency. This change frequency data will provide you with the necessary information to upkeep hygiene and environmental regulations. Moreover, a complete garment handling system, return unit included, eliminates soiled garments being left in the wrong places as the garments are linked to a user and must be returned in order to take out clean garments.


Minimizing loss of work wear

All garments are given a unique identity through the use of integrated RFID transponder technology, allowing garment flows to be traced. This system provides total control over garment status and location: In possession of the user, on its way to the laundry facility or in the soiled garment drop-off waiting for collection. Implementing RFID garment tracking has proven successful in reducing and even eliminating loss of work wear, thus reducing unnecessary costs.

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