Return soiled garments


Soiled garments are easily returned through the check-in window on the return unit. The user account is instantly updated and clean garments can be withdrawn from the Unimat.


The garments are identified using RFID technology. An RFID transponder is attached and assigned to each garment. The system keeps track of what garments have been returned for laundry and by whom.

RETURNed SOILED GARMENTS sorted in laundry bins/trolleys

Returned garments are automatically sorted in laundry bins/trolleys. Depending on how the system is configured, sorting can be done in order of garment type, color, or any other distinction. The system can handle up to five different sorting options.

Optional Addition

As an additional option, a special feature can be implemented which informs the laundry facility if garments require repair or any other action.

Standalone Unit

The return unit can also be purchased and used as a standalone unit.

In combination with garment handling system

For the best results with full traceability, documentation of change-frequency, costs and control, we at ACG Pulse recommend complementing the Unimat system with the return unit.

In cooperation with our partner Elis.


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