Revolving door

Revolving Door is an unmanned security turnstile passage that controls access to a storage area.

The size of Revolving Door has been carefully designed to fit in most storage areas.

With a built-in card reader, Revolving Door can be set-up so that only authorized users have access to the storage space.


Complete solution

Revolving Door can be combined with other ACG Pulse AB products such as      Q-Web Gate,  Q-Web Cabin and more for a complete solution. With the integrated  Q-Web® software, usage data and statistics can be view in real time and exported.



Pressing the emergency stop located inside Revolving Door will trigger a reverse function allowing you to safely return to point-of-entrance. Revolving Door can be connected to your internal emergency system where, in the event of a fire, the turnstile mechanism will unlock, allowing users to move through freely. Revolving door is also fitted with anti-crush sensors to ensure your safety.


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