Q-Lock is a smart vending machine for smooth delivery of work clothes, protective equipment, tools, consumables, items the users can borrow such as keys, handscanners, mobile phones etc. With our smart vending machine, you ensure that the items are always available to your staff 24/7 every day of the year.

This smart vending machine also ensures that your employees always get the right items / objects in the protection class that the user should have. You are not allowed to pick out articles for which you do not have permission.

The Q-Lock cabinets consist of a Master module with display and card reader. To the Master you can connect add-on modules to adapt the solution for your need. The modules are available in different sizes to fit a variety of products and applications Q-Lock is available both as floor standing and wall hung, the storage compartments are available in five different sizes. You can combine the modules with each other as well as with our other Q-Web Products that run with our user interface Q-Web®, which makes the solution very scalable and easy to administer.

The user identifies himself with his card and selects the desired item on the display. If the user has access/authority to the selected item, the controller opens the hatch for the desired item.



We adapt Q-Lock to your existing access control system, which minimizes administration and allows you to use your existing cards / tags even for access in Q-Lock. With the built-in software Q-Web®, permission levels are administered for the system.


Loan function

This smart vending machine with loan function enables maximum availability and full control of loan equipment around the clock. The loan function gives you the opportunity to control which users get access to which items. Also provides the ability to control how many items each user can borrow at the same time. Via Q-Web® you can see in real time which /what items that are available in Q-Lock, what is on loan and by whom.

Can be used for a variety of products in various applications:

  • Keys
  • Handscanners/Ringscanners/PDA
  • Mobile Phones/Tablets
  • Pick-by-Voice units
  • Common tools
  • Calibrated equipment
  • Protective equipment
  • Work wear (for example for visitors/temporary staff)


Keep items charged

Charging of items such as scanners and mobiles can advantageously be done in Q-Lock. The rear panel of the Q-Lock is prepared as standard with holes for retracting the cabling for charging your hand scanners/mobile/tablets. ACG Pulse also offers customized charging equipment for some hand scanners / mobile / tablets, contact us for more information!


One-way function

Enables maximum availability of items around the clock. The one-way function gives you the opportunity to control which users get access to which articles. This increases the safety of your employees, who always get the right protection for the job they are doing. Q-Lock also provides the ability to control how many items each user can pick up over a configurable period of time.

Common applications for the one-way function are:

  • Work shoes
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Consumables
  • Spare parts



With our web-based logistics system Q-Web® you will get full control in real time what is available in Q-Lock and the consumption over time. This helps you optimize purchasing and reduce waste.



Should something unforeseen happen, our support is always available to help, every day of the year 24/7!