ACG Pulse offers its customers a service solution which aims to reduce equipment breakdowns and stoppages, increase the availability of the equipment and maintain the equipment’s long term efficiency.

Q-Service includes:

  • A predetermined maintenance according to inspection chart
  • Safety and function checks
  • Necessary adjustments
  • Fault analyze and elimination
  • Remote on-line surveillance
  • Performance data collection and analysis
  • Documentation of performed maintenance
  • Operating statistics

ACG always uses personnel with significant expertise and knowledge, which guarantee that the service engineers are skilled and that right material is used and the right measures implemented.

Customer benefits with a Q-Service from ACG Pulse:

  • Maintenance performed by experienced technicians
  • Minimizes unexpectable stops and reduces the need of urgent service
  • Service and maintenance from ACG Pulse ensure the lifetime of products
  • Only use of approved spareparts
  • Higher availability