A Self-service system for unmanned storage areas

Q-Web Trust is a self-service system with RFID for picking up and returning items in unmanned storage areas.

The system gives your employees access to equipment, workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 24 hours a day, all year round.
Different methods can be used to attache the RFID-tags to the items. Allowing full flexibility what items to be used in the Q-Trust.



The Q-Web Trust station is a multifunction product with the following possibilities:

  • Scan items to storage areas (stock room).
  • Self-service of withdrawal of items by the users.
  • Return of soiled items.


If Q-Web Trust is to be used for the return of soiled garments, then separate Q-Web Trust stations are recommended to avoid contamination. Recommended method for returning soiled garments is the Q-Web Soil or Q-Web Soil Mini


Easy to place

The Q-Web Trust station is conveniently placed on an existing table/bench or mounted on a wall with supplied brackets. It is flexible and easy to place with a weight of only 10kg and a size of W = 700 (mm) x D = 360 (mm)  x H = 70 (mm). The Q-Web Trust station consists of RFID UHF antenna / reader, touch screen, computer and card reader.


Combine for a tailor-made complete solution

You can advantageously combine the Q-Web Trust with other Q-Web Products such as Q-Web Gate, Q-Web Soil, Q-Web Cabin and others, for a tailor-made complete solution that is adapted to the customer’s wishes and needs.


In our user-friendly web interface Q-Web®, it is simple to manage and administrate the users, articles/items, and statistics.